Roadside Safety Hardware Testing Standards

The safety of the American driving public is important to Trinity Highway. We take very seriously the performance of the products we manufacture for consideration by individual highway authorities for installation on the nation's roadways. 

NCHRP Report 350 and MASH Testing Criteria

The NCHRP Report 350 crash test criteria, created in 1993, are used to assess new and re-designed roadside safety hardware products submitted to the FHWA for federal-aid reimbursement eligibility from 1993 through 2010. The Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) standards are used for new or untested roadside safety hardware products submitted to the FHWA for review after January 1, 2011. 

It is important to note that:

  • All roadside safety hardware receiving an eligibility letter before 2011 must meet the appropriate crash test criteria that existed at the time.
    • In the case of the ET Plus® System, that crash test criteria is NCHRP Report 350.

Using NCHRP Report 350 to Assess the ET Plus® System

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) was first issued an FHWA eligibility letter in 2000 for the ET Plus® System, which they designed, developed, crash tested and patented. The appropriate test for this system is the crash test criteria set out in NCHRP Report 350. The ET Plus® System was developed and crash tested to meet the AASHTO-adopted and FHWA-recognized NCHRP Report 350 criteria, published in 1993.

When impacted within the applicable NCHRP Report 350 criteria, the ET Plus® System performs as a “crashworthy” product as characterized by the FHWA.

Since originally tested in May of 2005, the FHWA has re-affirmed on multiple occasions, as recently as November 12, 2014, the continuous eligibility for federal-aid reimbursement of the ET Plus® System with 4-inch guide channels attached to the extruder head component of that system.

NCHRP Report 350 compliant highway safety products are still being used today by all 50 state highway authorities for use on the National Highway System and other roadways.

Trinity Highway currently has a FHWA-accepted MASH tangent end terminal product for sale. However, many state DOTs continue to purchase roadside safety hardware tested and approved using NCHRP Report 350 criteria, which includes the ET Plus® System.



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